Questions, Questions!

MMT is conceptually simple. Once you’ve got it it seems odd that anyone could find it difficult. Nevertheless people often do have a bit of a struggle with it. I sympathise—so did I!

Which is why I felt it would be a good idea to write a whole book on it, in everyday laguage, to deal with all the ‘yes, but'(s) I could think of.

I don’t suppose I’ve been 100% successful though. If it were that easy MMT would have completely replaced ‘classical’ economics theory ages ago, and it clearly hasn’t.

So if you’ve read the book and still don’t quite get it please feel free to let me know via the Contact page. If appropriate (and if I can find the time) I’ll reply to you by email, and if it looks like something that would help other people as well I’ll write a post about it.


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